Edmonton Oilers

The Edmonton Oilers will try to keep momentum in Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final tonight.

As for JJ Redick? He created his own momentum, and it paid off handsomely.

How Back Is Edmonton?

What Happened: Maybe going down three games to none was the best thing that could’ve happened to the Oilers? Ever since the Panthers put Edmonton’s season on the brink, the Western Conference finalist has been dominant.

The team’s offense, which scored a combined four goals in Games 1-3, has exploded for 13 in Games 4 and 5, and now, with all the pressure firmly on Florida, Edmonton is playing loose and letting its skill shine. The only question is, did they wait too long?

Why It Matters: The Oilers’ Game 5 win proved a double whammy, as it kept their season alive and also ensured another home game way up wherever Edmonton is.

This run has also restored the oddsmakers’ faith in Connor McDavid and Co. The Oilers are -120 to win tonight and force a Game 7, and while the Panthers are still -345 to eventually win the series (Edmonton’s odds are +270), losing three straight would have to affect those odds, and it wouldn’t be in Florida’s favor.

How We’re Feeling Today

JJ Redick

Inspired by JJ Redick.

When the offseason started, Redick was a mere podcaster talking about hoops. He was rumored to be a favorite for the Los Angeles Lakers’ head coaching job, only to see them get distracted and toss a $70 million offer Dan Hurley’s way, only for the UConn coach to rebuff them.

(Either he rebuffed them, or simply used them as leverage. Neither looks great for a premier NBA franchise.)

But look at Redick now! He waited the Lakers out and, without any prior coaching experience in the NBA, landed the big job.

There’s one lesson to be learned here: yes, you should go and start that basketball podcast you’ve been talking about with your buddies. Just look at what doors it might open up.

The Look Ahead

Chris Sale

Chris Sale STRIKEOUTS If you can get Sale’s line at 7 for strikeouts tonight, we’d consider taking the under on that play. The lefty K’d seven in his last start, hitting 10 the time before that. So why go under? Well, the Yankees (tonight’s opponent) haven’t been striking out so much the last few games. After three straight double-digit whiff games against Boston, New York followed that up with three, five, and five strikeouts in its series against Baltimore. Over the last week, the Bronx Bombers rank 25th in strikeouts, and so Sale, as good as he’s been, might struggle to hit the over on this one.