Ronald Acuna Jr.

We have some questions this morning…

namely, what’s going on in MLB, and what’s going on in Kansas City?

MLB Check-In Time

What Happened: Memorial Day Weekend is always a good time to check out the standings in MLB.

How do the standings look versus what the experts thought they were going to, and more specifically, what’s real and what’s unlikely to stick?

Why It Matters: The biggest surprises of the season reside in the NL East and the AL West.

The Braves were a favorite not just to win their division, but were the choice to win the World Series for plenty of prognosticators. But injuries have ravaged the team, as Atlanta has lost its best pitcher (Spencer Strider) and position player (Ronald Acuna Jr.) for the season. We are talking about a deep ballclub here, but the problem is that the Phillies currently have the best record in baseball, making for an Atlanta surge to the top unlikely.

Perhaps it was inertia, but the Astros were penciled in as the top team in the AL West before the season began. But that hasn’t played out so far. In fact, Houston sits in third place in the standings, and there’s plenty of reasons to believe this is simply not a good team. For one, the ‘stros are rocking a negative run differential (-8) and have a 6-22 record against teams with a record of .500 or better, meaning Houston isn’t hanging with better competition.

The one bright spot? Seattle currently leads the AL West…also with a negative run differential and an expected win-loss record worse than its actual on-field tally. It wouldn’t surprise anyone if Houston did emerge on top, but only because no team in this division is separating itself.

How We’re Feeling Today

What the fuck/.

A little concerned about what’s going on in Kansas City, to be honest.

News broke that Chiefs defensive lineman Isaiah Buggs has two warrants out for his arrest in connection with charges of cruelty to dogs. Which is ugly enough on its own, before you remember that receiver Rashee Rice has spent the offseason making headlines for the wrong reasons, as well as Harrison Butker drawing ire for a speech he delivered recently.

Since none of these players are stars à la Patrick Mahomes or Travis Kelce, the spotlight isn’t too intense on KC this offseason. But at some point, one has to wonder if all the winning Andy Reid’s team is doing makes up for all the other news the Chiefs are making recently, none of which reflects well on the organization.

The Look Ahead

Mike Conley Jr. PRA It’s déjà vu all over again here, talking about Conley’s PRA line. But on Tuesday, we said we were intrigued by that play, and the veteran guard delivered. He carried a 20.5 line into Game 4, whereas tonight’s ups to 21.5. But you can find that line at plus-money, and Conley has bested a 22 PRA line twice in four games against Dallas already. Every game could be Minnesota’s last from here on out, which is why we trust Conley’s big game experience on a play such as this.