Jayson Tatum

Oddsmakers are putting their money on the Celtics to repeat…

…speaking of money, maybe Monty Williams can help out?

Boston Set To Repeat?

What Happened: With the snoozefest that was the NBA Finals all wrapped up, it’s time to identify next season’s champ.

Too early you say? Never when the odds are out and there are futures bets to make!

Why It Matters: If you were bored by the Celtics’ run to glory, turn away now, because they might not be going anywhere. FanDuel’s opening odds for next season’s champion have Boston where it ended this season: at the top, with +300 odds. The next best bet in the East comes out of Milwaukee at +1000.

In between, the Denver Nuggets (+750), Minnesota Timberwolves (+850), and this season’s runner-up Dallas Mavericks (+900) all stand in the way.

The LA Lakers stand at +4000, odds that can change drastically if LeBron James decides to move on from the purple and gold. And if the Warriors are going to make one last run in the Steph Curry Era, they’ll need to overcome +3500 odds to do so.

How We’re Feeling Today

Show me the money!

Looking for the phone number for Monty Williams’ agent.

Williams was fired as the head coach of the Detroit Pistons after just one abysmal season that saw his team win just 14 games. Because the Pistons had handed Williams the (at the time) largest coaching contract in NBA history, that means the franchise still owes him a whopping $65 million to…not work for the team.

That $65 mil makes the $20 million the Phoenix Suns are paying Williams not to coach seem paltry in comparison. Yes, you read that right: Williams is due over $85 million American dollars, with the explicit mandate to not do the job he was originally hired to do.

It’s gotta hurt to be rejected in such high-profile positions, and that’s probably a wrap on Williams’ time as a head coach in the league. On the other hand, eighty-five million to buzz off! Incredible work by Williams and his agent — if anyone can put us in touch with whoever negotiated those deals, we’d love to have an informal chat.

The Look Ahead

Logan Allen

Logan Allen STRIKEOUTS Allen has 57 strikeouts in 69.2 innings pitched so far this season, a fine output but nothing spectacular. In his last three starts, his K totals were three, three, and (gulp) one. So why did his 4.5 line catch our eye today? Mainly the opponent: the Mariners are in first place in the standings and also the K column as a team, and are almost 30 strikeouts clear of the A’s in second place. In his second start of the season, Allen faced Seattle and generated six strikeouts in a 6.2 inning shutout gem, so we know he can handle this lineup.